Airborne MAX-DOAS measurements

  • Fills an existing gap in observing capabilities from ground-based monitoring networks and satellite measurements (local to global)
  • Investigate the boundary layer as well as the free troposphere
  • Vertical resolution is maximized by changing flight altitude of the aircraft, which enables the subsequent retrieval of trace gas profiles with high vertical resolution
  • Measures trace gases: CHOCHO, NO2, O4, IO, BrO, HCHO, HONO
  • Field campaigns: Twin Otter (2008, 2009, CALNEX and CARES), HIAPER (HEFT-10 2010 and TORERO 2012)
twin otter
The AMAX-DOAS HIAPER pylon installed on the NSF/NCAR GV aircraft


IO measured over the tropical Pacific

A) Spectral proof of IO detected at different altitudes 
B) Significant observations on the free troposphere

io measurements