1. Joey D'Alesio - Calibration of Iodide-CIMS for oxygenated hydrocarbons in the gas-phase: Application to measure Henry’s Law of 1,2-ISOPOOH

  2. Henning Finkenzeller - Spectroscopic Studies of Oxygen and Iodine Using Cavity Enhanced Extinction Spectroscopy

  3. 2021

  4. Jake Rowe - Evaluating TROPOMI CO Column Observations Using CU AirSOF During BB-FLUX

  5. 2020

  6. Natalie Kille - Development of Solar Occultation Flux Spectroscopy for Ground and Airborne Applications

  7. 2019

  8. Theodore Koenig - Aircraft measurements of bromine and iodine from the sea surface to the lower stratosphere

  9. 2016

  10. Ivan Ortega - Development of 2-D-MAX-DOAS and retrievals of trace gases and aerosols optical properties

  11. 2015

  12. Eleanor Waxman - Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from alpha-dicarbonyls in Aerosol Water:  Salt interactions and multi-phase chemistry

  13. Laura Gonzalez Palacios - Measurements of gas-phase products from heterogeneous photochemistry at aqueous interfaces by cavity enhanced differential optical absorption spectroscopy

  14. Sunil Baidar - Airborne Multi-Axis and Direct Sun DOAS: Development and Urban Air Quality Applications

  15. 2014

  16. Sean Coburn - Development of optical spectroscopic instruments and application to Field measurements of marine trace gases

  17. 2013

  18. Ryan Thalman - Development of Cavity Enhanced Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (CE-DOAS) and application to laboratory and field measurements of trace gases and aerosols

  19. Natasha Goss - Measurement of isotope shifts in C12 and C13 glyoxal absorption at visible wavelengths, and first application to DOAS retrievals