Setschenow Salting Constant Experiments

Understanding organic-salt interactions is relevant to understand pre-industrial aerosols and climate. Since pre-industrial times aerosol nitrate and sulfate have increased. Currently model predictions are incorrect regarding properties of organic aerosol, and measurements of Setschenow salting constants are scarce. The impact of salting on partitioning of gas-phase species to aerosol aqueous phase is significant. The presence of salts in the aqueous phase impacts the solubility and activity of organics in aerosol. Salting out is when the molecules shift towards the gas phase, out of the aqueous phase.
Salting constants
Figure: Salting constants for glyoxal (solid diamonds) and methylglyoxal (open circles and squares). Slope of data corresponds to Setschenow salting constant. A negative slope represents salting in, a positive slope salting out.