LED-CE-DOAS and Chamber Studies

led ce

  • Uses LEDs as a light source
  • Many LED options provide coverage over most of the near-UV and visible region.
  • Measures trace gases, e.g. glyoxal
Chamber in Valencia, Spain
Chamber in Valencia, Spain

cav cavity

  • NCAR: Measure glyoxal production from biogenic precursors (isoprene, acetylene, α-pinene, limonene).
  • Recent results : 1-3% primary glyoxal production from isoprene
  • PSI: Glyoxal uptake on to seed aerosols.
  • Focus: reversibility or irreversibility of SOA formation, effect of seed chemical composition, aerosol pH.
  • Euphore: Glyoxal instrument intercomparison.
  • Manchester: Glyoxal formation from sea aerosols.
  • Toronto and Lyon: Glyoxal formation from surface microlayer proxies.