Atmospheric and multiphase modeling of trace gases

  • Explicit gas-phase models help us better understand MAX-DOAS and AMAX-DOAS measurements of trace gases including halogen oxides.
  • Focus on the free troposphere where many species are observed but their existence is not yet explained.
  • Explicit aqueous-phase models are used to explain the results of chamber studies and predict ambient multiphase chemistry from field studies.

Iodine budget
Iodine budget for the free troposphere during TORERO. The model is constrained by IO measurements from the AMAX-DOAS. Trace levels of reactive iodine species play an important role in ozone depletion and oxidation capacity. In the lower part of the free troposphere, HOI is the most common species. Close to the tropopause, IO and I radicals are the most abundant species.


Henry's Law
Model results predicting Henry’s law values and product distribution during chamber experiments at PSI. Inputs include measurements of glyoxal from the LED-CE-DOAS and filter measurements. The results predict speciated glyoxal SOA contributions including whether or not they form SOA irreversibly.