TORERO (2012)


The Tropical Ocean tRoposphere Exchange of Reactive halogen species and Oxygenated VOC (TORERO) project (PI R. Volkamer) investigates the influence of air-sea exchange of reactive halogen species and OVOC on the free troposphere over the Eastern tropical Pacific Ocean, and at Southern Hemisphere mid-latitudes. Next to AMAX-DOAS a suite of complementary instruments were deployed on the NCAR/NSF GV aircraft to provide a. o. information on further trace gases, e.g. VOCs, O3, CO, methane, mercury, on aerosol and cloud properties, actinic flux and photolysis rates. The GV field deployment to Chile and Costa Rica during six weeks and January and February 2012 coincided with two complementary research vessel projects in the same area, a TAO cruise with a MAX-DOAS and CE-DOAS instrument aboard, and the Japanese EqPOS project. For further information see also:

Data Archive TORERO Field Catalog
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Ship track (black) and flight tracks of 16 research flights (red) conducted over the mid-latitudes and tropical eastern Pacific during the TORERO project. Ocean background color refers to chlorophyll-a concentrations (NASA; higher in the tropics and along the South American coast) that can be used as a proxy for biogenic activity in the ocean surface waters.


Flying at 0.1km over the ocean surface with NOAA’s Ka’imimoana in the background.